Chinese Foreign Minister Plans to Visit Australia

Yang Wi, China’s Foreign Minister, has been invited to visit Australia to engage in discussions regarding the recent improvements in Beijing-Canberra relations. The two-day trip, scheduled for late March, reflects enhanced cooperation, particularly in the realm of trade. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia is also slated to visit China in November.

This marks the first instance since 2017 where a high-ranking Chinese official is set to visit Australia, signaling positive developments in the bilateral relationship. The meeting will additionally lay the groundwork for the Australian Prime Minister’s future trip, scheduled for November. Both governments have not officially set dates for the meetings yet.

Sources said that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advocated for the removal of sanctions on Australian lobsters and wine and in return China wants the country to sign a new Science and Technology Agreement. However, pressure from the United States will be a significant hurdle to overcome.