Around 200 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Flee to Bangladesh

Fearing attacks by the Arakan Army (AA), around 200 Myanmar military border guards retreated to neighboring Bangladesh on March 13th, 2024.

The AA recently assaulted a junta base near Aungthapyae, near Maungdaw township in western Rakhine state, resulting in 179 junta troops moving to Bangladesh, as confirmed by the AA and officials in Bangladesh.

This is not the first time junta soldiers have fled to Bangladesh; in previous instances, troops were sent back to Myanmar by the Bangladeshi government, which will likely be the case here.

Since the coup in February 2021, the junta has been the subject of major controversy and even sanctions by the global community for its actions in the protests and is currently suffering a high number of causalities despite increased efforts against resistance groups, such as daily bombings.

Photo allegedly showing the soldiers who fled. Source: Bangladeshi News Outlets