Poland Recalls 50 Ambassadors, Cancels Nominations

The Polish Foreign Ministry has decided to recall about 50 of its ambassadors to various countries and has cancelled about a dozen nominations for new ambassadors. The announcement reads below:

“The proposed reshuffle was put forward at the Foreign Service Council and, following its approval by the Prime Minister, recall procedures have been launched.

The government, which, under the Constitution, is responsible for foreign policy, believes that the necessary change of Polish ambassadors will help to address the difficult challenges facing Poland’s foreign policy today in a better, more professional manner.

The MFA hopes that the key authorities in the country will work together on this issue.”

This comes nearly two months after Poland’s new prime minister, Donald Tusk, and his Cabinet members took office on December 13th, 2023, ending eight years of conservative rule in Poland. This shake up, while extreme, was not entirely unexpected as the new government has signaled a desire to clean house of conservative appointees abroad.

Prime Minister Tusk seeks to realign Polish policy with the EU, while still expanding its military capability. The new ambassadors will most likely be aligned to that strategic goal.