IDF Denies Involvement in Incident at Kuwait Roundabout

As this publication reported last night, Palestinian sources reported dozens of casualties resulting from a claimed attack carried out by Israeli helicopters upon Palestinian civilians awaiting the arrival of aid at the Kuwait Roundabout, which is close to Gaza City in the Gaza Strip.

However, the IDF has now responded, stating that a preliminary investigation found no shots fired at the aid convoy near the Kuwait Roundabout area of Gaza City, Gaza Strip, on March 14. The IDF doubled down on this claim, saying that the incident was carried out by gunmen seizing aid shipments, then blamed Israel to exacerbate the situation and enflame public opinion against the IDF.

The announcement reads below:

By 0500 EST this morning, the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry claimed over 100 killed and 200 injured in this incident. It is worth noting that this narrative clash is similar to the 1 March incident, when thousands of Palestinians stormed aid convoys, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people. In this incident, Palestinian media also claimed that IDF troops massacred those civilians. The IDF published drone footage showing the incident, refuting those claims while admitting that IDF troops fired warning shots to disperse the crowds as aid trucks attempted to retreat from the looters.