Tribes in Papua New Guinea Enga Province Agree to End Fighting

Tribes at war with each other in Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province have agreed to cease hostilities for a period of at least three months in a “three-month unconditional ceasefire” at Port Moresby after years of fighting on March 14th. However, the factions have not reached an agreement to surrender their weapons during the talks.

Killings between the tribes that reside in Middle Lai, Aiyale, and the Tsaka Valley of Wapenamanda should end under the agreement. The fighting has left hundreds dead, thousands injured, or homeless, with several hundred properties destroyed.

“A historic ceasefire agreement was signed last night (Wednesday) between two warring tribes from Enga Province that will completely end killings in Middle Lai, Aiyale, and Tsaka Valley of Wapenamanda District,” a local national newspaper claimed.

The tribes have also agreed to work with the government to end hostilities, promote peace and well-being for all citizens in the district, and cease all provocative, inciteful, or disrespectful behavior that could lead to a resumption of hostilities.