US to Deliver $25 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to Haiti

On March 15, Reuters reported that U.S. Aid Chief Samantha Power is set to announce $25 million in humanitarian assistance to Haiti on Friday, according to a statement that was shared with Reuters in advance.

Mrs. Powers said in a prior statement that “over the past weeks, violence by organized criminal groups has escalated dramatically and worsened what is already a dire humanitarian situation in Haiti”.

The U.S. has delivered $146 million in humanitarian aid to Haiti since 2022. 

This additional supply of aid comes as Haiti has been engulfed in gang violence, with gangs engaging in “widespread killings, kidnappings and sexual violence” according to Reuters. 

The unpopular Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has stepped down, in an effort to help stabilize the nation. However, violence has continued across the nation, with no signs of abating. 

The U.S. has evacuated all non-essential personnel from its Haitian Embassy.