Russian Media Reports Explosive Drone Attack Against Transnistria Military Base

Russian state media, citing the Transnistrian Ministry of State Security, has reported that an explosive drone attack targeted a military base near the regional capital of Tiraspol, destroying a helicopter that was on the ground. No injuries or additional damage was reported.

While not outright accusing Ukraine, Russian sources insinuated that the drone came from the direction of Odessa. Ukraine has not commented on the matter.

The incident comes as Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, held a special congress last month formally asking Russia for protection “in the context of increasing pressure from Moldova,” which it has described as an “economic blockade.” The type or extend of this “protection” was not specified.

Likewise, this comes as the Transnistrian government set up polling stations for people to vote in Russia’s presidential election, which has been condemned by Moldova and other western countries.

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine invasion, Ukraine and its western allies have frequently accused Russia of preparing false flag attacks as a pretext to deploy forces to the region, which could open up a western front against Odessa.