Russian Cruise Missile Enters Polish Airspace

From 2300 EST on March 23rd, 2023 to 0100 EST on March 24th, the Russian Federation carried out another large missile attack on several areas in Ukraine, reportedly targeting energy infrastructure in Kyiv, Lyiv, and several other cities. However, at approximately 0000 EST on the 24th, Polish authorities first began reporting that a Russian projectile had entered Polish air space.

Civilian accounts in Poland began claiming at around 2345 EST that explosions were heard in Oserdow, Poland where a Russian projectile had struck. However, this appears to have been the sonic boom from Polish aircraft overflying the area as the Polish government has not announced that a Russian missile impacted, but merely flew through Polish airspace for 39 seconds before going back into Ukrainian airspace.

As of this post, the Polish Foreign Ministry is expected to call on the Russian Ambassador to demand an explanation. This is the 6th recorded instance of Russian projectiles entering Polish airspace since the beginning of the war in February 2022.