South Korean President Says North Korea Missile Launch Tried to Cause Confusion Ahead of Elections

President of South Korea Yoon Suk Yeol made a statement today, April 2nd, claiming that the recent North Korean missile test of an Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile is an attempt to shake up South Korea ahead of the elections.

Yoon said this at a meeting with his cabinet in Sejong, reportedly hours after the missile was launched.

This test by North Korea marks the third this year so far. The missile traveled around 372 miles (600 km) before crashing into the Sea of Japan.

“The North Korean regime is trying to rock our society ahead of the general elections, while continuing missile and other military provocations,” Yoon said about the April 10th elections.

He added: “These provocations will only end up uniting the minds of our people strongly.”

South Korean authorities found around forty spy cameras near polling stations. Yoon demanded more precautions need to be taken to ensure fairness and accuracy, as South Korean voters may feel their privacy is lessened. The cameras may be a way to tamper with the election process.