Manhunt Underway After Elementary School Shooting, Richland, WA

As this publication reported last night, a woman was fatally shot while picking up her child at William Wiley Elementary School in West Richland, Washington. The woman has been identified as the suspects’ former partner and mother of their child.

After fleeing the scene around 1900 EST, local police, Federal Marshals, and the FBI raided the suspect’s home where they found a second body, reportedly the suspect’s girlfriend. The suspect has been identified as Elias Huizar who has since abducted his son Roman Huizar in his 2009 Toyota Corolla with Washington plates CBZ4745. The last report was that Huizar may be fleeing to Mexico. The vehicle has been spotted twice in Hayden Island, Portland, Oregon.

A large manhunt is now underway as Huziar continues his flight from law enforcement with his son.