Boeing Investigates New Quality Issue with 787 Dreamliner

Boeing is investigating a new quality problem with its 787 Dreamliner after discovering that hundreds of fasteners have been incorrectly installed on the fuselages. The company announced that its 787 team is inspecting fasteners in the side-of-body area of some undelivered aircraft to ensure they meet engineering specifications. Boeing assured that the in-service fleet can continue to operate safely.

Boeing 787. Photo from Aircraft-Info.net

This issue involves the incorrect torquing or tightening of over 900 fasteners per plane, equally split between both sides of the jet’s mid-body. This is the latest in a series of manufacturing problems affecting the U.S. planemaker.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the matter and is working closely with Boeing to determine appropriate actions and ensure an immediate fix in the production system.