Apartment Building Collapses After Airstrike, Belgorod, Russian Federation

At approximately 0545 EST, a missile warning was issued for Belgorod, Oblast, Russian Federation. By 0550 EST, initial reports indicated that Russian air defenses activated above the city. By 0600 EST, drones and missiles had reportedly struck on the outskirts of Shebekino.

By 0800 EST, eyewitnesses published several videos showing a partially collapsed apartment building with civilians attempting to dig out their neighbors.

Belgorod Oblast Governor Gladkov claimed that at least three people were injured in a Ukrainian strike in Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast, with eyewitnesses claiming at least seven were injured.

Pro-Ukrainian social media users are claiming that these strikes were carried out by the Russian Armed Forces. However, it is worth noting that during the period of darkness from June 13th-14th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces did conduct a large scale drone strike of up to 80 projectiles towards Rostov.

The Ukrainian government has made no public comment on the strike in Belgorod as of this publication.