Dual Attacks Leave Burkina Faso in Frenzied State, “Dire Situation” Reported

The Burkina Faso Armed Forces General Staff was forced to make public comments about a June 11th, militant attack on a military base in Mansila and shelling of a meeting of the Council of Ministers in the capital after claims of the death of Interim President Traore were circulated online. The General Staff decried the claims as disinformation and that cyber actors had posted false claims on a mimic page of the official Facebook page of the General Staff.

The initial posts were that Interim President Traore was missing or killed in the shelling. While the claims about Traore have not been confirmed by any third-party source, including the president himself, it is clear that a devastating attack was carried out at the base in Mansila where at least 100 soldiers are reported dead, and the base was either captured or sieged.

al-Ain reports that the June 11th incident in which an artillery shell was fired at a meeting of the Council of Ministers caused panic in the military, forcing General Célestin Simporé, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces to recall troops to their assigned barracks.

That situation is compounded by an ongoing counter-offensive near Dori which is seeking to dislodge militants from Mansila. Security sources have described the situation on the ground as “dire”.

This is developing.