Putin Outlines Conditions for Ceasefire in Ukraine, Demands Withdrawal and Neutrality

Russian President Vladimir Putin has set forth conditions for halting military operations in Ukraine during a speech at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, broadcast by the news channel Russia-24.

The terms demand the full withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia within their administrative borders as they existed when these areas became part of Ukraine.

Putin also stated that Ukraine must formally renounce any intention to join NATO before Russia will cease fire. Additionally, he stipulated that peace would also necessitate Ukraine adopting a neutral and non-nuclear status, and that sanctions against Russia must be lifted.

Putin clarified that these demands are aimed at a “final resolution” of the conflict, rather than a temporary truce. He presented this proposal as a genuine attempt to achieve peace and indicated that if Kyiv and Western nations do not accept this offer, they would bear responsibility for the continuation of the conflict.