VIDEO: IDF Confirms Soldier Hit by Vehicle, Ramallah, West Bank

At approximately 0945 EST, initial reports indicated that a person had been struck by a vehicle at the Rantis Checkpoint in the West Bank. By 1000 EST, video emerged showing what appears to be a uniformed soldier being struck be a vehicle. The soldier raises their rifle before the white sedan strikes them.

By 1100 EST, the IDF made this announcement:

“A report was received a short time ago about a run-over incident in the Ranthis area of the Ephraim Brigade, as a result of which an IDF soldier was injured and sought medical treatment, his family was updated. IDF forces began a pursuit of the offending vehicle, the circumstances of the incident are under investigation.”

Initially, this incident was characterized as “not an attack”. However, the absence of a suspect or official declaration from the IDF indicates this may have been malicious. In December 2023, a reservist was stabbed by a terrorist at the same checkpoint.

This is developing.