Ammunition Explosion Kills Czech Servicemembers, Libava Military Training Area

At approximately 0625 EST, initial reports indicated that ammunition had exploded at the Libava Military Training Area in the Czech Republic.

By 0635 EST, Czech officials confirmed that five servicemembers were injured in the blast. However, by 0730 EST, that number had increased to nine, with eight of those servicemembers requiring hospitalization.

By 0930 EST, the Czech government confirmed one of those servicemembers had succumbed to their injuries, changing the toll from one killed, seven injured, and one of the servicemember member casualties had been reclassified as a civilian employee injured.

By 1200 EST, Czech Defense Minister Fiala confirmed that the incident was purely an accident and was not related to foreign sabotage, a claim circulated online as users attempted to relate this to previous reports of Russian sabotage in Poland and Germany.

Libava is one of four military training centers in the Czech Republic.