HAZMAT Incident Declared Involving Train, Evacuations Ordered, White County, AR

Update (1337 EST): The Arkansas Department of Transport has confirmed a Nitrogen Oxide Leak is the cause.

ARDOT announcement (FB)

Update (1311 EST): Beebe Police Department has made the following update:

“A train came through town and was spewing a toxic gas. The train is stopped around McRae and the gas was/is still leaking. If you are within one mile of the stopped train, you need to evacuate. Nobody in the City of Beebe is within that one mile radius.”

At approximately 1235 EST, initial reports indicated that an incident was underway involving railroad assets near Arkansas 367 between Beebe and Mcrae. The announcement from Beebe Police Department reads below:

“Highway 367 between Beebe and McRae is closed until further notice due to an incident involving the railroad. Please make the necessary arrangements to find an alternate route.”

By 1246 EST, a Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) incident was reportedly declared involving a Union Pacific Railroad Train which resulted in an evacuation order within a one nautical mile radius from the tracks.

According to eyewitnesses, a day care near the incident was evacuated and parents were alerted their children may have inhaled contaminants. While this is not confirmed by official sources, eyewitnesses are saying nitric acid was spilled.

This is developing.