Russia Terminates Cooperation With ICAO Council Case on 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced it is terminating cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) investigation into the 2014 shoot down of Malaysian Boeing MH17 flight over Eastern Ukraine. The reasoning behind the withdrawal reads below:

In the ICAO Council, let the Westerners and their satellites now deal with each other. We are ending our participation in this farce. Russia does not recognize the Council’s authority to consider the planted stories of Australia and the Netherlands, as well as any decisions that will be made by them in connection with them.”

In the announcement, the Foreign Ministry rejected the findings of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and the Dutch-led Joint Investigative Team (JIT) that was delegated investigative power by Ukraine. The country in which a civil aviation shootdown takes place retains the right to delegate the investigation, Ukraine chose to do that. However, the Russian Federation rejected this decision and demanded Russia jointly lead an investigation.

Moscow cites the excerpt below from UN Security Council Resolution 2166 as reasoning to terminate cooperation.

“[support]efforts to establish a full, thorough and independent international investigation into the incident in accordance with international¬†civil aviation¬†guidelines”

Moscow concluded that Western intelligence services infiltrated the investigation and lied about Russian involvement.

Withdrawal from the ongoing investigation changes little since the reports have already been submitted to ICAO. However, this does lay the legal groundwork for Russia to reject any further findings against it.