US Designates Iran-Backed Militia Involved in T-22 Attack as Terror Group

United States State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has announced that the Iran-backed Shia militia Harakat Ansar Allah al-Awfiya (HAAA) and its secretary general, Haydar Muzhir Ma’lak al-Sa’idi, have been designated as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

HAAA is part of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella organization of other Iran-backed Shia militias that were responsible for over 170 attacks against American forces in Iraq and Syria, as well as continued attacks against Israel.

Miller reported that HAAA was involved in the January drone attack against the Tower 22 outpost in Jordan, which left three American soldiers dead.

“The United States remains committed to using all available tools to counter Iran’s support for terrorism and to degrade and disrupt the ability of Iran-backed groups to conduct terrorist attacks,” Miller added.