Wanted Kazakh Dissident Reportedly Shot, Kyiv, Ukraine

Update (0952 EST): Pravda Ukraine has confirmed that Sadykov is in critical condition in a local hospital and was the victim of the shooting.

At approximately 0630 EST, initial reports indicated that a shooting had taken place by an unknown suspect against a victim inside their vehicle on Viktora Yarmoly Street in Kyiv, Ukraine.

By 0730 EST, RBC Ukraine reported that Kazakh national dissident Aidos Sadykov was the victim of the shooting and that a suspect had not been apprehended.

In October 2023, the Tokayev regime had placed Sadyko on the Kazakh Most Wanted List for “inciting social, national, or religious discord.” Sadyko runs the dissident YouTube channel, Base, which investigates corruption in Kazakhstan and is critical of the government. Sadyko has lived in Kyiv for several years after fleeing escalating persecution in Kazakhstan.

It is not currently clear if the shooting is related to his dissident activities.

This report comes the same day as Kazakh opposition activist Aidar Syzdyqov, who was arrested in May on a charge of “selling illegal drugs,” began a hunger strike in captivity due to the alleged false case against him.