GRAPHIC: IDF Carries Out Raid, Qalqilya, West Bank

Update (0757 EST): The IDF have established a security cordon and have reportedly killed three men, two have been named as Ihab Abu Hamed and Ahmad al-Selmi by eyewitnesses.

At approximately 0739 EST, initial reports indicated that Israel Special Forces were carrying out a raid at a building in Qalqilya, West Bank. By 0750 EST, eyewitness accounts reported that IDF troops had surrounded a residential building and killed at least two men in a vehicle near the building.

As of 0751 EST, IDF reinforcements have been deployed to the site as militant gunfire has engaged the initial group.

This is developing.

Qalqilya is under the administration of the Palestinian National Authority (as part of Area A), while remaining under Israeli military occupation. It is surrounded by the West Bank Barrier Wall.