Ukraine Issues Arrest Warrans for Kazakh Gunmen in Attempted Murder of Dissident

As this publication covered on June 18th, 2024, Kazakh national dissident Aidos Sadykov was shot on Viktora Yarmoly Street in Kyiv. He is currently in critical condition. On June 19th, his wife and fellow journalist Natalya Sadykova claimed that Kazakh President Tokayev ordered the attempted killing.

Kazakh President Tokayev instructed the Foreign Ministry to send official inquires to Ukraine and to be “ready to join investigations in identifying the truth”.

However, by 0300 EST this morning, Sadykov’s wife once again took to social media to announce that Ukrainian officials identified two suspects, including a Kazakh Internal Affairs Ministry employee as the suspects in the shooting. Her announcement reads below:

“Meiram Karatayev (DOB: 05/09/1991) and Altai Zhakanbayev on (DOB: 02/08/1988). These scoundrels received an order, on June 2 they arrived in Kyiv, lived in rented apartments, followed Aidos and thought over the crime.

Moreover, Meiram Karatayev is an employee of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kostanay region, he took first place in shooting competitions among employees.

By 0430 EST, the Ukrainian National Police issued international arrest warrants for two Kazakh foreign nationals wanted in connection with the shooting.”

It is not currently clear if the suspects are still inside Ukraine. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry has not made a public comment.