Widespread Power Outage Impacts Balkan Countries

Update (0812 EST): Croatian Economy Minister Susnjar is to hold a press conference soon to address these outages.

Update (0700 EST): According to local Serbian media, partial restoration of electrical services has begun across Republika Srpska. The Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Srpska attributed the failure to transmission lines in Montenegro.

At approximately 0700 EST, nationwide power outages were reported across Bosnia and Herzegovina, impacting Sarajevo and all other major cities in Republika Srpska.

By 0702 EST, those outages had spread to Albania.

By 0720 EST, those outages had also spread to Montenegro and Croatia.

It is currently unclear what is causing the outages. However, in the last twenty-four hours, Western Balkan governments have warned their citizens to be weary of outdoor activities due to an early summer heatwave that currently has temperatures in the mid-90s, an extreme temperature for the region. It is possible this power outage is due to excess loads on the power grid due to air conditioning.

Due to the diversification of the Balkan countries’ power grid, it is unlikely the outages are due to a single failure at a single plant or transmission intersection.

This is developing.