SITREP: Dagestan Attacks

An unknown number of unidentified gunmen carried out multiple attacks against several locations in the Dagestan cities of Derbent and Makhachkala.

  • At least 6 officers dead, 12 wounded, according to RIA
  • At least two gunmen killed, according to Internal Ministry
  • Orthodox church and synagogue targeted in Derbent
    • Priest reportedly killed
    • Synagogue set on fire
  • Gunmen clash with police in Makhachkala
    • 40 hostages reportedly taken at a church, per MASH

Activity in both cities are still considered active.

While no group has claimed responsibility yet, many have speculated that this is an attack by the Islamic State or its sympathizers. Back in March, ISKP, the Afghan branch of ISIS, attacked the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, killing 145 people and wounding hundreds more.