22 Killed In South Korea Lithium Battery Factory Fire

At approximately 2230 EST on June 23rd, 2024, a fire was reported at a Aricell lithium battery manufacturing plant in Hwaesong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. By 2330 EST, at least 20 people were reported trapped and at least seven casualties were pulled out of the building.

South Korean President Yoon had ordered a full-scale rescue operation and a National Level 2 Response.

By 0300 EST on June 24th, 2024, police confirmed that twenty people who were previously reported as trapped, had been killed after failed attempts to reach them. Contact had been lost with the victims around 2345 EST. By 0500 EST, the number killed had risen to 22.

Of the 22 people killed, 18 have been reported as Chinese nationals along with one Laotian national. The identities of the remaining victims have not been specified, but they were most likely Koren, judging by reporting.

South Korean Prime Minister Han is on site, coordinating with the investigation headquarters. As of this publication, the fire has been brought under control. However, the death toll may still fluctuate as the wounded receive care and emergency services fully secure the building.

This is developing.