Kadyrov Orders Revenge Killing of Families of June 23rd Terror Suspects

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic, has ordered the revenge killings of all male family members of the suspects that carried out the June 23rd, 2024 terrorist attacks in Dagestan. His statement reads below:

“If a suspect is connected with shaitans, his entire family must be punished. And anyone who encroaches on a brother policeman must understand that out of blood feud we will kill everyone – father, brother, uncle. I appeal to the Chechen people – know what your children are doing. You all know the symptoms of Wahhabism, if you saw them, immediately report them to the local police officer. It’s better that we stop him in time than later kill you, your son and your brother…special emphasis must be placed on countering radical ideology emanating from European countries.”

This order follows the deadly June 23rd dual terror attacks by the Caucus Emirate which killed 15 in Makhachkala and Derbent. One of the attacker’s fathers is Sergokalinsky District leader Magomed Omarov who was arrested the day of the attack. He will now reportedly be put to death. It is not clear if Omarov is out of favor with Kadyrov, if he is this is a convenient way to dispose of him.