Sevastopol to Increase Air Defense Warnings and Shelters After June 23rd Attack

According to Russian-appointed Sevastopol, Crimea Governor Razvozhaev, the city is taking increased measures to shore up air raid warnings to civilians as well as increase the number of shelters after the June 23rd, 2024 Ukrainian strike which reportedly killed at least six and injured more than 100 Russian civilians. The Governor’s comments read below:

“In Sevastopol, the public warning system will be improved to take into account the use of ballistic missiles by the Armed Forces of Ukraine…Balaklava Bay in Sevastopol, taking into account a possible terrorist attack, will be additionally guarded, and free access at night will be blocked…About 600 modular shelters are planned to be installed in Sevastopol.”

The majority of Russian civilian casualties have been attributed to falling debris after Russian air-defenses intercepted U.S.-supplied ATACMS were used against military targets. However, the Russian Federation is accursing Ukraine and the U.S. of deliberately targeting civilians who were vacationing on the beach.

Since the attack, Russian authorities have threatened military action against the United States, especially in the Black Sea where rumors of a shootdown of a U.S. RQ-4 drone circulated online on June 25th, 2024. However, as of this publication, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not made good on those threats.