US Embassy in Beirut Issues Travel Advisory Reminder

The United States Embassy in Beirut has issued a travel advisory reminder, warning American citizens to “to strongly reconsider travel to Lebanon. The security environment remains complex and can change quickly.”

The Embassy added that it “reminds U.S. citizens to review the current Travel Advisory for Lebanon. In particular, we call your attention to the Country Summary which advises that the Lebanese government cannot guarantee the protection of U.S. citizens against sudden outbreaks of violence and armed conflict.”

“U.S. citizens in Lebanon should not travel to southern Lebanon, the Lebanon-Syria border area, or refugee settlements.”

The advisory is by no means nothing new, as Lebanon has been at a “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” advisory for the past several years due to risk of terrorism and armed conflict. However, the reminder is important in the context of flaring tensions between Israel and Hezbollah, with Israel threatening an offensive operation over the border into southern Lebanon.