Kazakh Dissident Dies from Injuries Sustained in Kyiv Shooting

As this publication covered on June 18th, 2024, Kazakhstan national dissident Aidos Sadykov was shot inside his vehicle on Viktora Yarmoly Street in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Over the last three weeks, his wife and fellow dissident, Natalya Sadykova reported that she suspected Kazakh President Tokayev ordered the killing and her husband was in a coma. While the Ukrainian government did announce it was investigating, Natalya Sadykova claimed Meiram Karatayev (an employee of the Kazakh Department of Internal Affairs) and Altai Zhakanbayev were targets of Ukrainian arrest warrants. The latter turned himself in to Ukrainian authorities, while the former is still at large.

On June 27th, the speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Maulen Ashimbayev, said that Kazakhstan would not extradite Zhakanbayev to Ukraine.

This morning, Natalya Sadykova announced her husband had succumbed to his wounds, here announcement reads below:

“Aidos Sadykov left us today at 3:00 Kyiv time. My adored husband, the father of our three children, the great son of the Kazakh people. Aidos gave his life for Kazakhstan, was martyred at the hands of killers. For thirteen days, Aidos fought for his life in intensive care, but the miracle did not happen”