Four Palestenians, One Syrian Arrested in Germany for War Crimes in Syria

The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced this morning that four Palestinians and one former-Syrian intelligence officer were arrested for war crimes they committed in Syria. The four Palestinians have been named as Jihad A., Mahmoud A., Sameer S., and Wael S.; the Syrian intelligence officer has been named as Mazhar J.

Jihad A., Mazhar J. and Sameer S. were arrested in Berlin; Mahmoud A. was arrested in Frankenthal (Palatinate), and Wael S. near Boizenburg (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). Authorities say that an additional individual is still at large in Essen.

The four Palestinians, Jihad A., Mahmoud A., Sameer S. and Wael S. are suspected of belonging to the armed militia “Free Palestine Movement” (FPM) since 2011. During their time in Al Yarmouk, while serving the Assad Regime, the group, along with Mahar J. sealed off the town and denied food, water, and medical treatment to hundreds of Palestinian civilians, resulting in dozens of deaths. The group are also accused of robbery, rape, and murder through abuse of their duties as checkpoint guards. They also took part in the execution of political demonstrators.

It is not clear when these men entered Germany, but the Berlin State Criminal Police Officer and the Rhineland-Palatinate have initiated the investigation and will continue to detain the men.