GRAPHIC: Civilians Kill Terrorist After Stabbing Attack, Karmiel, Israel

Update (0853 EST): Hamas how now lauded the attacker who was justified in “his response to Israel’s criminal occupation.”

Update (0733 EST): The Palestinian Resistance Committees has congratulated the dead suspect for his “”heroic operation”.

Update (0732 EST): The critically injured victim has reportedly succumbed to their wounds. The IDF have arrested several family members of the suspect in Nahf.

Update (0722 EST): IDF personnel have deployed to Nahf in response to the attack, several suspects have also been detained in Karmiel.

At approximately 0500 EST, a terrorist armed with a knife carried out a stabbing attack on two men in a shopping center in Karmiel, Israel. Armed civilians immediately intervened and killed the suspect. The video can be seen below:

The Israeli Magen David Adom (ADM) emergency service and police confirmed that two twenty-year-old victims were injured, one with critically.

The incident has been classified as a terror attack by police. The suspect has been identified as a man from Nahf, who arrived on foot to the shopping center with the intent to kill civilians.

This is developing.