Hezbollah Aziz Commander Reportedly Killed in Israeli Airstrike, Lebanon

Update (0909 EST): Hezbollah has confirmed that commander Muhammad Nimah Nasser, also known as al-Hajj Abu Nimah from Haddatha, Lebanon has been killed. The announcement reads below:

Screengrab from mmirleb TG channel.

At approximately 0650 EST, initial reports indicated that a single vehicle had been struck by an Israeli airstrike in the Haouch are of Tyre, Lebanon.

By 0700 EST, eyewitnesses confirmed that up to two people were in the car, but that only one was killed in the blast.

By 0750 EST, Al Jadeed claimed that the Commander of Hezbollah’s Aziz unit, known as Abu Nimah, was the person killed in the strike. This has not been confirmed by Hezbollah outlets.

The Aziz unit is one of several operating under the Hezbollah Jihad Council. The Aziz unit is often associated with special operations beyond Lebanon’s borders. It is purported to carry out covert activities, including reconnaissance and intelligence collection in areas deemed of strategic importance to Hezbollah. One of the unit’s commanders, Hassan Muhammad al-Hajj, was killed in Syria in October 2015.