IDF Strikes Southern Lebanon After Hezbollah Mass Rocket Attacks

The IDF has confirmed that Hezbollah’s large rocket and drone attack from Lebanon into Israel today contained at least 200 rockets and 20 drones. Hezbollah claimed the attack contained over 200 rockets. Fires started in Galilee and Golan Heights, as well as other areas, as a result. A number of Israeli military installations were also targeted and stuck, claimed the militant group.

The mass attack was outlined by Hezbollah as a direct response to the assassination of Muhammad Nimah Nasser, also known as al-Hajj Abu Nimah, a senior commander in Hezbollah’s military force. The barrage brings the total number of rockets launched toward Israel in the last day to 300.

The IDF claims many of the rockets and drones were intercepted by jets and by air defense systems; in response, they began striking claimed Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, mostly near minor villages and settlements. Later on, more Israeli fighter jets continued striking areas across southern Lebanon, claiming to strike Hezbollah installations and infrastructure.

At least one Israeli soldier was reported by the IDF killed from the barrage from Hezbollah. Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency reported an Israeli drone strike in Houla that killed at least one person.