Russian Army Commander Popov Reportedly Leaked Intelligence to Ukraine

As this publication covered on May, 21st, 2024, Major General Ivan Ivanovich Popov, former Commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army had been arrested for fraud according to Russian state-owned media outlet, TASS. At the time, Russian state-owned media reported he was being investigated for being critical of the Defense Ministry’s lack of supplies to his men.

However, today, the Russian Investigative Committee announced that General Popov was now being investigated for forgery and treason relating to sharing intelligence with Ukraine. His lawyer, Sergei Buinovsky told RENTV News that they are filing official refutations of those charges. These will now be in addition to the corruption charges that were originally filed, alleging he stole tons of metal materials from occupied-Ukraine and hundreds of thousands of rubles.

General Popov in custody. Credit: RENTV News.

Major General Popov, once darling of the Russian Defense Ministry was relieved of command of the 58th Combined Arms Army on July 11th, 2023, only one month after announcing that his forces had successfully blunted the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Zaporizhya area of operations.