UK Election Exit Polls Show Resounding Loss for Conservative Party

The UK’s Conservative Party has seemingly suffered their largest ever loss after exit polls show an enormous majority for the Labour Party.

Exit polls show the Labour Party has won 410 seats in the UK’s 650 seat House of Commons. With only 326 seats needed for a majority, the Labour Party has secured a clear majority within the UK’s parliament.

Official results will not begin to be released until 11:30PM local time.

Exit poll results are listed below:

  • Labour Party: 410 Seats
  • Conservative Party: 131 Seats
  • Liberal Democrats: 61 Seats
  • Reform UK: 13 Seats
  • The SNP: 10 Seats
  • Plaid Cymru: 4 Seats
  • The Green Party: 2 Seats
  • 19 seats have gone to others