Airstrike Destroys Vehicle on Beirut-Damascus Highway, al-Saboura, Syria

Update (0945 EST): Hezbollah has confirmed Yasser Nimr Qarbash aka Abu al-Fadl, from Zawtar al-Charqiyeh, Lebanon was the target of the airstrike.

Credit: mmirleb (TG)

Update (0906 EST): Abu al-Fadl Karnabash has been identified as the target in the strike.

Update (0859 EST): At least one of the victims is now reported to be a former personal security guard of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah. This revelation comes as Israeli Foreign Minister Katz made a public comment directed at Nasrallah:

Update (0807 EST): The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has claimed that two Hezbollah militants were killed in the vehicle; Hezbollah has not confirmed.

At approximately 0726 EST, initial reports indicated that an airstrike targeted a single vehicle on the Damascus-Beirut Highway near the al-Saboura checkpoint west of Damascus, Syria. While Syrian media is attributing this to Israel, there is no confirmation at this time.

Eyewitnesses are reporting multiple casualties inside the vehicle and al-Hadath has reported that military sources confirmed the vehicle had a Lebanese license plate.

This is developing.

This follows the July 3rd, 2024, IDF airstrike which killed the Commander of Hezbollah’s Aziz unit, known as Abu Nimah. However, it is not currently clear who was killed in this strike; neither the IDF or Hezbollah has commented as of this publication.