All Ukrainians in Europe Called to Join New Legion by Defense Minister

All Ukrainians in Europe have been called by Ukraine’s Defense Minister to join the “Ukrainian Legion.” The unit will be formed in Poland and armed by Western countries, according to DM Rustem Umerov. The creation of the new military unit was announced by Ukrainian President Zelenskiy previously during a meeting with Polish PM Donald Tusk, where a key provision was the unit’s creation on Polish soil.

The New Voice, a Ukrainian independent outlet, quoted Umerov, “‘The security cooperation agreement between Ukraine and Poland, signed yesterday by Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Donald Tusk, is a significant step in strengthening the defense capabilities of both neighboring nations,’

‘We urge all Ukrainians in Europe to join the Ukrainian Legion. Your contribution is invaluable in our fight for freedom and independence,’ Umerov added. ‘Every step you take brings us closer to victory.'”

In April, Ukraine closed loopholes for men dodging the draft as well as lowered the age of conscription from 27 to 25. Manpower concerns have grown along with casualties from the war. Ukraine’s limited population to draw from for conscription compared to the population of Russia, and their ability to match Russia’s fighter recruitment, remains an issue. Videos of drafted Ukrainian men being found by military police and forcibly conscripted have been common since mobilization efforts began.