Dozens of Miners Trapped, Rydultowy Coal Mine, Poland

At approximately 0400 this morning a ground shock struck the Rydultowy Coal Mine in Poland, there was no registered earthquake detected by the United States Geological Service. Initially, local media reported that 68 miners were in the danger zone. However, the numbers have been fluctuating wildly as multiple press sources have captured reporting.

By 0730 EST, Governor Silesian Voivodeship of Wojcik arrived on scene and reported that 53 miners were still trapped.

By 0800 EST, forty-one miners were reported to have been brough tot the surface as the most seriously injured were transported to local hospitals via helicopter.

By 0930 EST, a total of seventy-six miners were reported to have been brought to the surface. However, this number eclipses the initial number of sixty-eight that were reported in the danger zone to begin with. As of this publication, two are still missing and two have been listed as critically injured.

This is developing and will be updated.

The Rydultowy coal deposit is one of the largest in Poland and has been producing coal for more than 200 years. It is part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin which has had significant problems with methane emissions since 2000. During WW2 the mines were operated via slave labor under the Nazi Regime, most notably as a sub-camp of the Auschwitz camp complex. When the Nazis abandoned the mines to the Soviets, the remaining workers were transported to Mauthausen.