Macron Calls for Dialogue to Form Parliamentary Majority in Open Letter to the French People

Following the recent French legislative elections which resulted in no clear majority, President Emmanuel Macron has called for dialogue to build a strong and diverse parliamentary majority,

In a letter to the French, published in regional newspapers, Macron highlighted the necessity of adhering to the Republic’s values and implementing a pragmatic project. He pointed out that, despite the support for the republican front in the elections, political actions are needed to realize this preference.

Macron also underscored the need to forge a new political culture due to the presence of three distinct blocs in parliament: the New Popular Front (coalition of all left-leaning parties), the presidential party Ensemble (center-right party) and the Rassemblement National (right-wing populist party). This composition of the Parliament differs from the traditional French political culture, where one party dominates the National Assembly.

In his letter, the French President stated that he will “give time” to political forces in presence to build compromises, and thus a majority. Although Macron is required to appoint a Prime Minister, the French Constitution does not stipulate a specific timeline for this nomination.

Macron however excluded the Rassemblement National from participating in the formation of a majority, stating:

“While the far-right came out on top in the first round with nearly 11 million votes, you [French people] clearly refused to let it enter the Government.”

While current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal handed his resignation on Monday July 8, Macron asked him to stay “for the moment to ensure the country’s stability.”