Airstrike in Ethiopia Kills 56

At least 56 people were said to have been killed with another 30 wounded following a reported airstrike by federal military forces on an internally displaced people’s camp in Tigray, Ethiopia. Local aid workers reported the incident to Reuters, providing pictures of survivors and saying that a schoolhouse was targeted in the village of Dedebit. Government officials did not respond to the claims about the attack.

The ongoing civil war began on 3 November 2020 in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. The local Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) are fighting the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the Ethiopian Federal Police, regional police, and gendarmerie forces of the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions with the involvement of the Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF). All sides, particularly the ENDF, EDF, and TDF have committed war crimes during the conflict. Due to the onset of the war, a deep humanitarian crisis has developed.

According to the United Nations (UN), some 2.3 million children have been cut off from desperately needed aid and humanitarian assistance. Since the start of the conflict, the Ethiopian federal government has strictly controlled access to the Tigray Region, and the UN has said it is frustrated that talks with the Ethiopian government had not yet secured adequate humanitarian access for “food, including ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of child malnutrition, medicines, water, fuel, and other essentials that are running low” said UNICEF.



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