Attack in Israel Leaves Two Officers Dead, Authorities Signal ISIS Motive

Attack in Israel Leaves Two Officers Dead, Authorities Signal ISIS Motive


Two gunmen alleged to be inspired by ISIS carried out a shooting attack in the Israeli city of Hadera on Sunday night, reportedly killing two police officers and leaving several others wounded. Just to warn, the content below may be considered graphic:


The initial moments of the attack were recorded by nearby security cameras, which show the two suspects ambushing what appears to be a group of Israeli police officers at a bus stop. Both suspects could be seen walking off camera without any weapons visible until one of the presumed officers is shot repeatedly while two others run off and attempt to return fire. Both suspects reappear on camera, one with some type of rifle and the other a handgun, firing in several directions. The suspect with the handgun is then seen taking an M4-style rifle from the body of the officer before running off down the street. Both suspects were neutralized shortly after the footage ended. In other footage posted to social media, the suspect with the punisher symbol on his vest was shot in the head as an officer moved a weapon away from his body.


Israeli security officials have also begun to give insight into the two suspects, who they say are cousins from Umm al-Fahm that have ties to the Islamic State. An unconfirmed video posted to social media before the attack purportedly shows the two men pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. The attack coincided with a summit Israel was hosting with leaders from the United States, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, and the UAE. 

More details to come and be confirmed.


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