Russian Ministry of Defense Announces They Are Willing To Target British Advisers in Ukraine

Russian Ministry of Defense Announces They Are Willing To Target British Advisers in Ukraine


From the Russian Ministry of Defense:

“The Russian armed forces are on standby around the clock to launch long-range precision-guided retaliatory strikes against relevant decision-making centers in Kyiv,” the agency said.

The ministry added that “advisers from one of the Western countries located in Ukrainian decision-making centers in Kyiv would not necessarily be a problem” in the event of such strikes.

What this means: in response to British Deputy Defense Minister James Heappey announcing that it is within legal boundaries for the United Kingdom’s advisers in Ukraine to support the Ukrainian military on strikes against Russian logistical hubs on Russian soil. The Russian MoD is ramping up its rhetoric against Western advisers in Ukraine who they suspect of helping Ukrainian aircraft which have had several successful strikes in Russia. These advisers are most likely providing targeting and other intelligence data.

The Russian Federation has already declared all military items transferred to Ukraine fair game as Western Nations, namely the U.S. and UK continue to send advanced arms to Ukraine.

Tessaron United States Naval Academy and American Military University Alumni. Covering flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.
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