North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile, As President Biden Concludes Asia Trip

Update: The South Korea General Staff has confirmed that 30 F-15K jets have been scrambled to Alert Level 1 while U.S. and South Korean troops initiate surface-to-surface missile tests in response to the launch of three North Korean Ballistic Missiles. The United States and South Korean militaries have also conducted an “elephant walk” of more than 100 F-35 fighters in response. The South Koreans have also announced that the first missile flew 300km. The second missile had an “irregular trajectory”, indicating that the North Koreans may have had a successful hypersonic missile launch. One reportedly missile exploded mid air.

Update: The South Korean National Defense Council has convened an emergency meeting to discuss the now confirmed three ballistic missile launches. South Korean General Staff has told press that the North Korean military launched missiles at 1700, 1737, and 1742 EST (0600 Local Pyongyang) an unprecedented feat by the Hermit Kingdom. All three launches came from the Sunan area of Pyongyang, a traditional launch site for North Korea.

Update: North Korea launches second missile 50 minutes after initial launch into the Sea of Japan. The first missile has already impacted in the open ocean, outside of Japan’s exclusion zone.

President Biden is reportedly in Anchorage, Alaska onboard Air Force One, refueling on the final leg to Washington. He is not in Japan, or in the region during this missile test. This is the 17th missile launch this year.

On the last day of President Biden’s four day trip to South Korea and Japan, the South Korean General staff has just announced the firing of a North Korea ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. The Office of the Japanese Prime Minister has also announced the possible firing of a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan from North Korea.

Leading up to the visit, U.S. Intelligence officials warned that the Hermit Kingdom would launch a missile test defiantly in the face of the U.S. presidents visit to the region. It appears they have correctly predicted such a development. President Biden has reportedly already boarded Air Force One, bound for the U.S. after meeting with the Quad group today. Japanese host Kishida, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, and the winner of Australia’s national election held on Saturday, were all present for the second in-person Quad summit at the Kantei Palace in Tokyo.

This is developing.

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