6 Wounded in Shooting Near Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga TN

6 Wounded in Shooting Near Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga TN


This story is developing.

Update (1057, May 29th): 6 have been confirmed injured, 2 with life threatening injuries and no fatalities as of this update. Police Sgt. Eames said in a press release earlier this morning. “I don’t have ages or a status on the victims,” said Eames. “However most of them will be teenagers to early 20’s. We had large groups of juveniles walking around the downtown area this date and we believe it’s from within that group that the shooting took place.”


Update (0131 EST):One suspected reportedly detained as Chattanooga police urges family members to gather at 200 Block of Broadstreet.

Update (0052 EST): Chattanooga Police confirmed there were multiple parties shooting and multiple parties shot from the incident. They have not release an official number of victims (earlier reports put it at 8) and have said that all people involved that were shot or wounded have been transferred to the local hospital, but the area still remains monitored.

There is no update in the status of the victims involved.

Police say the victims’ ages range from teens to 20s—and that one person has been detained in relation to the shooting.

It is unconfirmed the motive or reasoning behind the shooting.

Update (0036 EST): Children’s Hospital at Erlanger blocked off and on lockdown after shooting confirmed. One girl and 8 teenagers reportedly in critical condition.

Update (0017 EST): Shooting confirmed near Walnut Street Bridge. shooter fired about 20 rounds. The entrance to the Edwin Hotel has also been blocked by police as social media users are reporting four children shot. Not confirmed at this time.

Social media users are reporting 10 wounded and three killed in the parking lot at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga.

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