UK Pledges Major Training Support to Ukrainian Military

UK Pledges Major Training Support to Ukrainian Military


United Kingdom Prime Minister Johnson is in Kyiv today visiting with Ukrainian President Zelensky. During this meeting he pledged a rigorous training support mission to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in which up to 10,000 troops every 120 days can be trained, most likely in Poland, by British advisers.

This escalation by the United Kingdom is the most integrated ambition by Western planners to enhance the Ukrainian fighting ability in the midst of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has taken on a new savage definition in the Donbass. This will undoubtedly trigger a Russian response as up to this point only a small cadre of Western advisers has been training specialized Ukrainian troops on certain weapons systems. This new support initiative will greatly expand Western cooperation. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has already warned that Western intelligence and arms sharing has already brought them closer to direct confrontation.

A summary of todays meeting:

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