Severodonetsk Has Fallen to Russian Ground Forces, Lysychansk Breached

Update (1808 EST): The Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s Main Directorate of Intelligence head Kyrylo Budanov told Reuters today that the plan is to defend from higher ground in Lysychansk due to the demoslished state of Severodonetsk. The terrain now makes a concentrated defense impossible. He also told press that Russia will likely announce soon that a major mobilization will be required for Ukraine. The Russian Federation has most likely mobilized enough reserves to reach 330,000 troops to fight in Ukraine, where up to 50% of those are engaged in the Donbas. He also said that advanced foreign weapons will go towards major counter offensives to retake lost territory.

Ukrainian Mayor of Severodonetsk, Mr. Stryuk has posted on telegram that a Russian appointed military commandant has taken over administration of the city and is allowing civilians to evacuate, only deeper into Russian occupied territory.

Last night, the remaining Ukrainian troops withdrew from the Azot Chemical Plant and the industrial area of the city and crossed the Donets River to reinforce Lysychansk which is now facing Russian advances from the South. 800 civilians were found by Russian Ground Forces near and inside the plant.

The battle for Severodonetsk has been ongoing since May 6th and has pitted more than 20,000 Russian troops of the 6th Combined Arms Army including the 4th Guards Tank Division under the 1st Guards Tank Army, LPR militia, and Chechen regulars and special forces against more than 4,000 Ukrainian defenders from the International Legion, 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, and the 53rd Mechanized Brigade. Ukrainian troops faced encirclement on that side of the Donets River by the end of May and have been defending their last foothold in the Azot Chemical Plant in the Southeast of the city. The decision to reinforce Lysychansk came after the last two weeks of Russian advances into the villages and suburbs in the Southeast of Lysychansk.

This morning, Chechen Leader Kadyrov and LPR military commanders claimed their forces have entered the city proper of Lysychansk, capturing a mine and industrial plant. 8 hours ago Ukrainian Governor Haidai of the Luhansk Oblast claimed Ukrainian troops are attempting to break out South of the city and reinforce lines of retreat to Slovyansk in Donetsk Oblast. The situation in Lysychansk is grim as Russian troops attempt to block to Lysychansk-Bakhmut Highway. The 7,000 or so Ukrainian  troops in the Lysychansk pocket are needed for the reinforcement of Donetsk as the fall of Lysychansk looks more and more likely.

We will update when more details are available on the Ukrainian defense or withdrawal of the city.


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