Donetsk Peoples Republic Charges Two More Britons With War Crimes

Donetsk Peoples Republic Charges Two More Britons With War Crimes


Self Declared Donetsk Peoples Republic has announced they have charged two more British citizens with the same crimes that Britons, Aidsen Aslin and Sean Pinner were charged with. Those Britons are Andrew Hill and Dylan Healy.

According to the Donetsk News Agency:

”Two more foreign mercenaries, Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill, have been charged. Investigations are underway”

“The investigation is now underway against British mercenaries Dylan Hilley and Andrew Hill. They are charged with the same articles as the three previously convicted mercenaries. An investigation is underway, charges have been filed.”

Dylan Healy, 22 was reported captured South of Zaporizhzia on April 29th and has not been heard from since. His mother expected that the Russian government would paint him as a spy. He was in Ukraine with UK non-profit organization Presidium Network when both he and his coworker Paul Urey were abducted.


Captured British aid worker Dylan Healy.


Andrew Hill was paraded on Russian television on April 29th in a Russian Defense Ministry video. The Russian Defense Ministry said he had surrendered to Russian troops in the Mykolaiv region of southwestern Ukraine. He was carrying a weapon, they said. Britain’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The captured man told his Russian questioners that he was from Plymouth in southern England and had four children and a partner. He said he had travelled of his own accord to help Ukraine. Russian soldiers took his passport, the Ministry said.


Captured Briton national Andrew Hill, reportedly captured in Ukraine fighting in the Foreign Legion.

Both Aslin and Pinner have been sentenced to death in a show court and now the British and Ukrainian governments are playing the political game with the Russian Federation in order to have them released. A slippery slope considering Kyiv and London cannot do business directly with the DPR in order to avoid any official recognition or propaganda. Currently only the Russian Federation and Syria recognize the two breakaway Ukrainian republics,


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