Thousands Of Protesters In Armenia’s Capital Call For PM Resignation, New Ceasfire After Azerbaijan Offensive

Patrick Colwell
Patrick Colwell
Pat is a traveling freelance journalist and photographer, and holds a bachelor's degree with a focus in conflict investigation. With years of expertise in OSINT, geolocation, and data analysis, he is also the founder of the Our Wars Today brand.

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Last night in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, thousands to possibly tens of thousands of protesters in Baghramyan square gathered after PM Nikol Pashinyan gave indication on live TV that he was signing sign a “painful document” that would “ensure Armenia’s security and territorial integrity”. This caused fear to arise for many that Armenia’s PM was planning on signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan following Azerbaijani forces continuing their intense assault on Armenian positions over the past days. The biggest worry was around the possibility of Armenia giving up its territorial claim to the contested region of Nagorno Karabakh or Artsakh. Protesters demanded the resignation of the PM and government, angry about the considering of peace in the face of Azerbaijani military agression and invasion. Citizens were reportedly trying to talk to the police during, to convince them to join the fight against the authorities according to Sputnik Armenia. A heavy police presence was noted, protesters pushed on the gates to national assembly (Parliament).

Following the lashback over his comments, PM Pashinyan has now rescinded his previous statement, asserting on Facebook that no such documents exist and they will not signed, blaming information warfare diversion that tried to discredit him. While some 35 deputies gathered in the national assembly last night, 18 pro-goverment deputies failed to show after protesters demanded they impeach the PM. Instead they decided to announce the deputies addresses publicly, in hopes of forcing them to show up, however it seems they did not.

A ceasefire has now been in effect for 12 hours, since 03:00 local time Armenia. Azerbaijani forces remain in the border posts of Armenia that they seized recently. Armenia reports 105-200 soldiers of theirs have died, Azerbaijan reports over 71 soldiers of their own. Azerbaijan has also offered several claimed humanitarian deals, such as to return bodies of some 300 Armenian servicemembers, both from this recent conflict and from previously reportedly.

Azerbaijan has been over several days now, fiercely attacking Armenian cities, and borders with missiles, rockets, and UAV drone attacks, reportedly pushing 4km to even 10km in some small pockets into Armenia proper.

Some other comments made by the PM include: “Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia, regardless of gender and age, should, if necessary, defend every square millimeter of the Motherland with weapons in their hands”. – Armenia wants to join CSTO because Azerbaijan is taking land, “The aggressor must withdraw from the sovereign territory of Armenia. Our soldiers and volunteers fight like lions”. – Armenia has applied to the CSTO under Article 4 (military assistance) to restore the country’s territorial integrity and ensure the withdrawal of the Azerbaijani military from Armenia says PM.