US Accuses North Korea of Sending Ammunition to Russia for Ukraine War Effort

Earlier today, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby accused North Korea of covertly sending a “significant number of artillery shells” to Russia in an effort to bolster their war effort in Ukraine.

In a statement provided to CNN, Kirby stated that “our information indicates that the DPRK is covertly supplying Russia’s war in Ukraine with a significant number of artillery shells, while obfuscating the real destination of the arms shipments by trying to make it appear as though they are being sent to countries in the Middle East or North Africa.”

While noting that the quantity being provided was “significant” without providing a specific number, Kirby said that the shipments are not “in such a quantity that the would change the momentum of the war.”

Let it be noted that Kirby did not provide any evidence to back this claim.

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