Russia Strikes Kyiv in Major Salvo After Kherson Withdrawal

Much like how the Russian Federation struck Kyiv after withdrawing in April, then again in August after withdrawing from Kharkiv Oblast, several dozen missiles have been launched and are now impacting the Ukrainian capital. This comes only four days after a complete withdrawal from Kherson.

One hour ago, Ukrainian Intelligence services alerted citizens in Central Ukraine that as many as (16) Tu-95 BEAR bombers from Rostov and Volgograd had launched air-launched cruise missiles towards central Ukraine. The salvo of at least 25 missiles seems to have been complimented by Kalibr cruise missile launches from the Black Sea. Those missiles are just now beginning to impact the Ukrainian capital and it is not clear if other cities are being targeted. However, air sirens have been activated throughout the country, including Lyiv. Initial reporting is claiming that the missiles are hitting electrical infrastructure.


Initial assessments seem to indicate several residential buildings in central Kyiv have been targeted. Kyiv Mayor Klitschko reported at least two five story apartment buildings were struck with an unknown number of casualties. The most significant damage seems to be in the Pecherskyi district. Several sources have reported that electrical infrastructure was targeted.

The Dutch Foreign Minister is in Kyiv and has been relocated to an air raid shelter.




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